Monday, January 22, 2007

Frustrating, yet Fun!!

First off, this isn't me. Its my dear friend Andrew. The reason his picture is on here, is that he is expressing my frustration with trying this blogger again! Read below for a better explanation!
I have to say that this is like, the 3rd time that I have "tried" to set up this blog!! Okay, I would like to say that I don't consider my self to computer challenged, but why I can't get this thing set up, I will never know. I have sucessfully established and maintained a MySpace and a Livejournal!! But I will persevere!! Never Give UP, Never Surrender!! * think thats a line from Galaxy Quest, not sure though* ANyways.... I'm going to give it a go, YET again!
Thanks for reading!!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Loved the bloggett lol Nikki:-)
Welcome to the blog world:-)
Its much more worth it, then myspace:-)
Anyways, I wanted to say HEY. You will find you are not alone when it comes to being a young and single Christian girl, there are plenty on our LPM blog.
We are all in this together girl, don't worry, and don't settle yourself short.
Believe me, I have had the experience of what happens when you do...and God has redeemed me from it, and so that's why I feel so strongly about telling are just fine being who you are, at the place you are now:-)

Be Blessed Siesta,


Kate said...

Great try in blogger world...keep 'em coming. I'm with Angie...she's my bloggin' bud I had to write 'cause we may be single, but we are not alone and certainly not a half...we are whole. Well, we're whole until we find our other half...then we're half of a we confused yet. ha ha ha Anyway, I'm Kate and I hope to have you as a friend, so I'll be checking back on your blog. :D
Many blessings to ya.