Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Song for thought...

Music has always been a form of communication for me. In a previous post, I mentioned how I have certain styles of music for certain times in my life. I have also learned how to read music, even shaped notes (Google them to see what I mean) and how to play music. One thing that has always been sure thing is that I always learn something when I hear music. I can learn a new song. I can learn a new style. I can learn that I don’t like that song or singer. I can learn about an idea that had never entered my mind before. I can learn something about myself that, because of the song, I now know. I mean, honestly, if you think about it, the first way we ALL learn a few things is through song. Hellooo…ABCs?! Or Clean up! Clean up, everybody! Or the books of the Bible. I even had a teacher that taught us the US Presidents thru a song. And wasn’t there a tv show that the whole premise was on learning through song? A little program called School House Rock…

In the Bible we have so many accounts of people using Music for worship or for expressing their emotion. The Psalms are nothing but music! In Deuteronomy 31 the Lord tells Moses that his time on earth is almost up and to bring Joshua to a commissioning service. It was a time for just the three of them to talk about all that was about to change for the people of Israel. He tells them that the Israelites would forsake their covenant with Him and God would turn His face from them. He told them how they would question whether or not God was with them. God specifically wanted Joshua to learn a song of how God promised to fulfill the oath he had made them and to deliver them to the Promised Land. In verse 19 it says “Now write down for yourselves this song and teach it to the Israelites and have them sing it, so that it may be a witness for me against them.” God knew they would rebel. He knew that they would blame him for not being there. He knew that, by teaching them a song that recounts His forewarning of what would come, they would be forced to realize his faithfulness and how he did do what he promised, he brought them to the land flowing with milk and honey. But the point I want to focus on is that He knew that teaching them all that in a song was the best way to guarantee that it would survive each generation. I love that God, being the awesome God he is, used a song to teach the children of Israel!

We all have songs that we’ve known for so long we don’t even remember learning. It’s like we were born with that song in our head. Unfortunately, we all have also had the awful “joy” of having an annoying song STUCK in our head for days…it just keeps playing over and over and over until one of two things happen: 1. You end up loving the song. 2. It causes a physical reaction to take place whenever you hear it. I’ve got several of both but the one that jumps to mind right off the bat is Phil Collins’, I Can Feel It… Oh My STARS! I can NOT stand that song! It just gets on my nerves! Seriously!

Lately I’ve been listening to Christian radio…it’s been a long time since I did that. I have to admit that, while I love Christian music, Christian radio can sometimes get on my nerves. I’ve already proven that I’m an eclectic sort of girl when it comes to music so when a radio station plays the same 10-15 songs over and over again, I get a lil frustrated! Thank the Lord for cds! And Ipods! However in my listening recently, I’ve heard some pretty awesome songs. Songs that make me stop and listen and wish that I could rewind it to hear it from the beginning. Whenever that does happen, I will send a text to my email so that I can look the song up when I get home. I’ve tried to hope to remember that song and the title but more often than not, I didn’t. One of the songs that has been on the radio a lot lately and all up in my bidness, is Addison Road’s, What Do I Know of Holy? GeezLouise, that song is amazing! Totally makes me stop and listen every time I hear it! It has such a true and honest message in it. I don’t know if it’s a song that everyone knows and I’m just now getting to the party or not, but I’m putting it on here because it’s amazing and I think everyone should know about it. I’d love to know what anyone thinks about the song…I’m always up to hear people’s opinions and what the song makes you think/feel.


PS Mkay, so I'm having technical difficulties tonight/morning and can't get the silly video to post from YouTube...so I just added the link to click on...sorry!


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Jennifer said...

I saw you on Beth Moore's blog and decided to see what you had written. I really like you post on the music and I know what you mean about Christian music. Some of the songs are amazing, but it IS highly repetitive. I build my collection my favorite songs on my IPod. I never thought of sending myself a text. What a great idea! Thank you for that.