Thursday, August 23, 2007

A new laptop!!

I guess that I should say that its a new friend because we all know that I am going to spending a lot of time together me and my new Dell. I shall have to think up a name for it. First off, a girl or a guy? Hmmm.....that's a tough one. I guess I will wait and see.
I am soo jazzed to have this thingy!! I have wanted one for the longest time and now its here!! Yay!! I am still having to get used to the keypad on here. Quite different than what I am used to. But I am sure that I will adapt. When Stef moves out, sad day, I won't have to start going to the Library again to check my email. Thats what I did when I lived out in the boondocks. Although sometimes I miss being out there. It was sooo quiet and spacious. And it was just me and Stef. But those were the days of the past. Time to move on.
I am having to force my self off of the computer every night. Now that I can read in bed, I never want to leave it. I keep finding new and even more interesting things to do and see. I am sure that one day it will pass. Who knows though?
I'm going to run. I am starving and have food waiting for me. Yummy rice!!
PS if anyone has a good idea for a name please let me know. You may be the winner! Of an imaginary contest of course! ;)

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Abby said...

hey girl!!! thanks so much for the encouraging words! i would LOVE to meet up with you!! i actually do know about Franklin cause i have a few friends who live out that way...
but yeah we should totally meet up...i have lots of free time cause i just got here a few days ago and i'm still figuring out what i want to do as far as a job i could actually work it out for this week sometime if you have any day that would work for you!? you just let me know!!
yay! i'm so excited!!! :)