Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why do things have to change?

Okay so I know WHY things have to change, but why does it all have to come at the same time? I feel like my life has been in a constant state of major change for close to 2yrs. Jobs, Friends, Family, Church, and so many other things. But if things could change just one or maybe two at a time, instead of everything all at once, it wouldn't be so bad. I mean, seriously, what is up with that?? I have 2 roommates and the one who has been with me for the longest is moving out. Well, actually, she moved out last night! Sad day!! A friend of mine from my hometown is moving in. Stef had been my roommate for almost 3yrs. We have been through alot together. Her breakup with her boyfriend of 3yrs, her new job, a new boyfriend that soon turned into a fiance. The death of her grandmother, my sister's wedding, new jobs on my front. We were both nannies together, in fact, that's how we met. At the Chick Fil A, in the play area. She had 2 boys and I had 2 boys. They were all the exact same age and played really well together. They became fast friends and so did we. She is one of my dearest friends and even though I know I will see her, I feel like she is gone. Things will never be the same. And its good. I mean, she is getting married. Starting a new family with her husband to be. I am so happy for her. I know that God brought her into my life for a reason. At the time we met, I was living by myself out in the country. I spent a lot of time alone and I am a huge people person. At the time, I wasn't even looking for a roommate but she was having to find a place pretty quickly and I had an extra room. As a result of us moving in together, I was able to help her through a tough breakup and she was there for support as my sister got married. So needless to say, we're close. I don't have the same relationship with my other roommate or my new one. I don't think that there will ever be a similar situation. I like my two current roommates but there are a few things that make it different. One of them is going to get married in June and so I know that it will only be for a short time. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot and am glad to have her come in and take over Stef's room. The other one, well, that's a different story. She and I have different ideas on what is supposed to go on in a independent person's life. I mean, I work pretty hard to pay my own way in the world. I hate to have to ask my parents for help. I know they will help me if they could but I don't like to ask them. She, on the other hand, totally lets her parents pay for everything. She doesn't work that much and complains when she does. Making her happy is a very hard thing to do. We are completely opposite in a lot of areas. We can have a good time just doing nothing but sometimes living together is hard. So at the end of the current lease, I am going to be moving out. She is talking about buying a house and maybe having her brother move up here to share it with her. I hope that how ever it ends, we remain friends.
I guess, I am just bummed and that is weighing on me the most right now. There are a couple of other things going on but I will talk more about them later! I'm hungry and its time to go cook some home cooked food.

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Abby said...

Hey girl...I'm with you...I don't do well with change myself!
But I am loving Nashville!
I came by Lifeway yesterday, but missed you...but the store looks great! :) I would still love to get together too! I will email you my number and then you can send me yours or whatever so I can call/txt if we do end up meeting for dinner Sat. I hope that will work out cause I really would love to meet all of these women!

Hope you are having a great day, and have fun with the wedding festivities this weekend!