Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hello again!!

Well, I completely slacked off through the last quarter of 2007!! Let's just say it was a crazy time! I work retail and that may answer alot of it!! But I had a great holiday season. I got to spend time with family and friends. Listen and sing along to some of the best music ever written! Good ole Bing! And lots of other crazy things happened. I will write more on that at a later time!

But I just wanted to start 2008 off with some of my favorite pictures from last year!!
So hear you go!
This is my Whole family on my moms side. Her parents, siblings and children. Plus a few married ins!!
Below is my sister, Ryan and I. My aunt was taking pictures for a family calendar. We both have November bdays and so here we are!
This is my dad and I. We are alot alike and yet we can tick each other off faster than just about any one else in the world!!
This is my sister and her husband, My parents and me. Plus my Uncle "Santa"

These are all my cousins. I am the oldest of the seven. Well Eight counting my sisters husband. We always do a picture in order of age and then one according to height because we did it every year at my grandmothers, in front of the fireplace and our parents would compare to see how much we had changed in the last year. Obviously we couldn't all fit on the hearth of the fireplace now and anyways, Nanny and Nandaddy sold that house. Sad day!!Here are my sweet, adorable Grandparents!! Nanny and Nandaddy are my most favorite!! They have been married for almost 53 yrs and both are in there 70s yet they still go and do more than most people in their 50s. They have a motor home and he is in a quartet!! He sings Bass! Gotta love it!!

So there you have a few pictures of my holidays. I still have tons and tons more. I didn't even get into any from my work party!!

I will add some more later!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

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