Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something new...

I started something new today.

Im afraid Im going to be mean and not tell you what it is but I wanted to put it out there as a form of a prayer request. I went to meet with someone today about starting a new thing in my life. I was, and still am, a little hesitant about it. Everything I had heard about it sounded great. I have bounced the idea off of a couple of dear people and they felt like it was something I should do. So I made the appointment to meet them.

All day long, I struggled with wondering if I was doing the right thing. So as I pulled up in the parking lot, I asked the Lord to let me know if this was something I should do or not do.

I go in and meet with the lady and as we are talking she asked me when I had started my current job, I told her and she asked what I had done before. I told her I had been a manager at the local Lifeway bookstore. She said, Oh I love that store! Have you read the Shack?

Well, immediately I felt a little jump in my heart because, having worked at Lifeway, I knew that that book has had some controversy around it. I told her no and that I had plans to. I also mentioned that it had been pretty controversial. She said she knew why and then specifically pointed out some people that would have a problem with it. She had been raised in the Church of Christ and knew that they wouldn't like the book. Because of how she was raised, she felt sure that most C.o.C members wouldnt like it.

Throughout this conversation I was starting to feel like okay, this lady sounds like a believer. Maybe that the Lord saying that its good.

I then here her say that she had been like minded until she did a bible study 11 years ago....My ears immediately perk up...she said that when she had done Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart, she found out about having a relationship with the Lord, not just rules.

Well, ladies, I took that as my sign. The woman knows Beth Moore. And I didn't even steer the conversation in that direction. Having just come back from hearing Beth in San Antonio, my first reaction to this was, and I quote, "Shut Up!!!" Lol!

She looks up at me kinda oddly and I tell her that I just got back from hearing Beth, etc! We get into a in depth conversation about a lot of things and totally lose track of why I was there in the beginning!

Needless to say, I feel like the Lord answered my request. Even with that answer, I still am feeling a little anxious about this new endeavor. I would welcome any and all prayers. I will keep you posted on this.

Hope you all have a great Friday!! Its a long weekend...have fun!!


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