Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Latest

Alright y'all...I'm back! I am actually typing this at work. It's been kinda slow here lately. I thought I would take advantage of the downtime and actually do an update.

The best news is that I have finally got my laptop back up and running!!! Yay!! It took forever! The night that my computer crashed (Sad Day) I went ahead and ordered a replacement. I think that that was around the first of Sept, end of Aug. Well it took stinkin' forever and I kept getting emails saying that they had pushed back the delivery day. Then I got an email saying that they had cancelled my order! I was ticked because they had sent me an email saying that it was going to be cancelled if I didn't respond to that email. Well, I would love to know how they expected me to be able to check my email everyday when the thing that I had ordered from them was a new hard drive. Meaning, my computer, and access to my email, was not working. So I called and they rushed it to me after I explained the whole situation. But it didn't come until the middle of Oct. and I had to install all of the systems that were on the last hard drive. It took a while.

The thing that I had mentioned as me starting something new is going really well. I have started a new weight-loss program and since I started on 8/29 I have lost 45lbs! I have just cut out all starch, as many carbs as possible, and calories. I also have kicked up my water and protein, along with vitamins and vitamin shots 2 times a week. I am feeling great and my clothes are not fitting all that great anymore. I decided not to tell anyone when I started because I wasn't sure what everyone's reaction would be. I would say something if someone asked but I wasn't going to advertise it. I have had a lot of great support and encouragement from coworkers, friends and family. I am in it for the long haul and I really feel that it's going to be a life change and not just a fad diet sort of thing. They not only help you lose weight they teach you to make the necessary changes to keep the weight off. I have not set a goal weight because I honestly have no idea what that specific number would look like on me, so I am just going to keep going until I'm at a place where I feel good and like how I look.

I am still having to work very hard at being regular at church. I have been doing great on Wednesday choir practice and better at Sunday morning...I've been going alot more than I have in the past year, but I'm still not up where I want to be. I am still having to work at not getting bummed out on a couple of things but I am listening to Christian cds and reading little devotionals at work. I have a bible and a couple of different ones.

I am going to sign off right now because as I said I am at work but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and am planning on getting things caught up here.

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